Many even offer interest free financing to qualified patients. Even if you don’t have a flexible spending account, you may be able to set one up and start using the account to save for the procedure. This can save you a significant amount of money if you use one of the providers on the list. Services or supplies that are not covered health services, which include all services that are not, For Anthem HAP members, charges in excess of the reasonable and customary charges (R&C), as determined by Anthem Blue Cross (see ", For KPIC HAP members, charges in excess of eligible charges, as determined by KPIC (see ". Cosmetic procedures are excluded from coverage. long time contacts wearer but new to day & nights, want to try. Intraocular lens (IOL) implants are artificial lenses that help clear up your vision after cataract surgery. Services or supplies furnished by the employer or a member of the participant's immediate family. Because LASIK is an elective surgery and not an essential procedure , insurance companies are unlikely to cover its full cost; However, if your insurance does not cover LASIK, there are financing options available to you . Because it is an elective procedure, it’s generally not covered by original Medicare. Most large health insurance and vision plans do not typically cover LASIK eye surgery. If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) you can use the funds to pay for your LASIK surgery. Self-insured employer group customers control their own health benefits and HAP is working with its self-insured customers to determine how they will cover COVID-19 testing. Devices and computers to assist in communication and speech. Services or supplies primarily for weight reduction or treatment of obesity, unless they are determined to be medically necessary covered health services and authorized by a, surgical treatment of morbid obesity is necessary to treat another life-threatening condition involving morbid obesity, and, it has been documented that non-surgical treatments of the morbid obesity have failed, and. LASIK surgery can help patients reduce or, in some cases, eliminate their … Even if your insurance carrier won’t pay for the procedure, they may have negotiated a discount with some providers for their clients. Your location will also impact the cost of a procedure. Everybody reacts differently to the laser, and if you have serious nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism (in this example, 9.00 diopters of correction) you have a 12-15% chance of being undercorrected and needing a second round of LASIK surgery … Epithelial laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (epi-LASIK). Another place you may be able to find savings on the cost of a LASIK procedure is directly from the provider. During the procedure, the surgeon guides a laser to carefully reshapes the cornea, which is the transparent covering of the eye. Heating pads and thermometers, and other over-the-counter products. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Services that do not meet the definition of covered health services. Services that are provided or a hospitalization that begins before coverage begins or after it ends, except as specifically noted elsewhere or unless the coverage began under another Company-sponsored medical plan. Services in connection with the reversal of voluntary sterilization. Does this matter for your health? Such surgeries are covered in many European and Asian countries. A smaller insurance company, Pacific Prime, considers cataract surgery to be medically necessary. Custom All-Laser LASIK Procedures There are worthwhile insurance discounts available with major and vision plans. The only way to know if your insurance will cover the cost is to ask. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford the hefty price tag of this elective surgery--most vision insurance plans don't cover it yet. Although insurance does not typically cover the cost of LASIK surgery, there are many other options available. Care credit usually offers many promotional offers so that you can avoid paying interest. Services or supplies in connection with custodial care. However, it is harmful to humans, and if you use it, you must take the appropriate safety precautions.Thus, it is a HAP but not a VOC. Although LASIK vision correction is not a cosmetic procedure, it is considered an elective surgery. Your employer will be able to tell you of any LASIK providers offering a discount to company employees. In some cases it is best to save up for the procedure and pay cash upfront while other times you may be able to find a great payment option. Any services or supplies that are considered to be "experimental" or "investigational," as determined solely by Anthem Blue Cross or KPIC. In an epi-LASIK procedure, your surgeon separates the epithelium from the middle part of the cornea (stroma) using a mechanized blunt blade device (epikeratome) and reshapes the cornea with a laser. Supplies for comfort, hygiene or beautification. It's free! Does My Eyeglass Prescription Qualify For LASIK? What is it, what's the procedure, and other FAQs answered by our LASIK surgeons at LasikPlus. Look into all of your surgery options before choosing a provider. If a cataract causes visual disturbances, then the insurance will most likely pay toward the cost of the procedure. As of July 7, 2016, a new Medicare rule prohibits such add-ons of cosmetic upper eyelid procedures. HAP also offers employer-sponsored Medicare plans. In general LASIK is more affordable in larger cities than in smaller communities. Find HAP (Health Alliance Plan) Eye Doctors & Providers with verified reviews. Is it safe? In most cases, LASIK is performed on both eyes and completed within minutes. In general insurance does not cover the cost of LASIK eye surgery, but that doesn’t mean your policy won’t. Usually the world of insurance has very clear boundaries. Nutritional counseling, except when related to the treatment of diabetes or an approved bariatric surgery. Acetone, on the other hand, is not an ozone generator either, nor is it considered by the EPA to be particularly harmful. Talk with your employer and find out about your options. Care credit is a health care credit card with a credit line for treatments and procedures. Alternative treatments such as acupressure, aromatherapy, hypnotism, rolfing and other forms of alternative treatment, as defined by the Office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health. Make an appointment online instantly with Dermatologists that accept HAP (Health Alliance Plan) insurance. Speech therapy that is not determined to be a medically necessary covered health service, as determined solely by Anthem Blue Cross or KPIC. LASIK surgery has been FDA approved since 1995 and is performed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Insurance will cover the cost of medically necessary eye surgery, such as surgery for cataracts that are interfering with a patient’s daily activities. Hospitalization that continues after coverage has ended and after you have recovered sufficiently to be discharged, unless you are certified as totally disabled as explained in ". Lines and paragraphs break automatically. One such need is Laser-Assisted Stromal In-situ Keratomileusis (LASIK). In some cases one late payment can lead to losing your 0% interest rate resulting in hefty finance charges. Henry Ford Ophthalmology: Considering LASIK? Physical and/or occupational therapy that is not determined to be a medically necessary covered health service, as determined solely by Anthem Blue Cross or KPIC. Any services or supplies furnished in connection with foot care, unless they are determined to medically necessary covered health services and ordered by your attending physician. Just like other 0% offers, you just need to make your minimum monthly payments and paying the full amount by the end of the promotional period. LASIK generally requires multiple appointments both before and after the procedure making long trips out of town both expensive and inconvenient. Many people find that using their FSA money to pay for the procedure is a great way to cover the cost, especially during years when they have had minimal medical expenses and would otherwise lose the money. The only way to know if your insurance will cover the cost is to ask. Services and supplies furnished in connection with surgical procedures for gender reassignment surgery, unless medically necessary as determined by Anthem Blue Cross or KPIC. As new technologies develop the number of options available for LASIK surgery continues to increase. Is Laser Eye Surgery going to Cure my eyes Permanently? All appointment times are guaranteed by our HAP (Health Alliance Plan) Dermatologists & Providers. Services and supplies for which coverage is available under any other Company-sponsored health plan or benefit program. There are as many cataract surgeries done each year as … Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis, or LASEK, is a vision correction procedure very similar to LASIK. 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