It’s a rip-off, in my opinion. Canada Goose produces extreme weather outerwear since 1957. The flaps also rub my face and so there is sometimes a bit of makeup stain( easily removed with a wet cloth). I’m so sick of you PETA groupies spewing you’re insane, holier than thou tirades, trying to sneak them in as legitimate reviews! canada goose jackets on sale I purchased Canada Goose in 2012 it has been the best investment for winter wear I have ever made. It’s beautifully made, very warm, and very contemporary looking. My Trillium is destined for charity and I shall buy a different brand for next winter. Discover a unique selection of luxurious Canada Goose Winter Parkas, Jackets, Bombers, Lightweight Down, Rainwear and the all new Knitwear Collection. That said it pretty warm in up to -40 which is lower then the temp rating on the jacket. Moosejaw, camp saver, etc. Canada Goose Polar Bears International Expedition Down Parka - Men's. Canada Goose Heren én Dames Jassen vind je natuurlijk bij Canada Goose Jas Outlet Online, Canada Goose Parka Sale, hét officiele verkooppunt van Europa. Be careful with the crap that comes from China..knockoffs. I’m thin, my chest-waist-hips are 86-60-84cm, and I took XS. I have worn it to stand around in the coldest, windiest weather for hours. If you bought at a “legit” place, you would end up getting your reimbursement even if you had to recur to the law for it. You are missing the rating system and not contributing much to this whole online shopping thing, you know? My daughter wanted this coat for Christmas and once it came in and I tried it on, I knew I had to have one too. New and preowned, with safe shipping and easy returns. Canada Goose® Ladies Kensington Parka. I was concerned with the small I wouldn’t be able to wear some of my bulkier sweaters or sweatshirts under it. The arms and shoulders were huge, so the hips and butt area were narrow and so tight. Her only complaint is that it is not slimming or flattering to the female figure, but this purchase was more about practicality; she needed a warm jacket and other than a furor steering, this was perfect. Size, manufacturing etc…. If you bought your jacket from a junkie in a back alley, it is you to blame for having a fake. I also wanted something that would look halfway decent and would not make me look like the Michelin Man. Ordered online later one since I knew which one I liked. Discover high quality jackets, parkas and accessories designed for women, men and kids. My parka is exceptional in quality in terms of fabric, warmth (I am comfortable wearing it too -20 to -30F). I received my jacket and I think it is way overpriced. Wear or own anything made from leather? All the buyer can do is return it AT HIS OR HER EXPENSE to be repaired or replaced. The front bottom pockets are too narrow to really allow a small hand to fit, and it’s a weird angle at that. Quality is top of the line. I am pretty petite and the XS fit me perfectly which rarely happens. Parkas, coats, shells, jackets, bibs, pants, gloves, mittens and hats .Find the Latest Canada Goose Apparel. When it came in I tried it on myself (6’3″ 180lbs) and if almost fit me! Since the jacket was constructed in a straight line, sometimes if you pull in too much at the waist it bulks out at the top. I’m thin, my chest-waist-hips are 86-60-84cm, and I took XS. I’ve swallowed the vanity that makes me want a sleeker coat and will not take this coat off until April. In consideration of my height (170cm), the sleeves are too long. Canada Goose produces extreme weather outerwear since 1957. I’m 5’3 and 110lbs and I got the XS, but when I put it on, it felt like a men’s coat for me. Reading the reviews I ordered a size up but the fit was still odd. Otherwise, Love It. We are proud to have canada goose jackets Canadians rely on us for protection in unspeakably cold conditions. How did you like the Whistler? It fit beautifully (no bulky, Michelin man look at all), super warm even though some of the coldest polar vortex days in NYC and well made. MILITARY GREEN; BLACK; Canada Goose Garibaldi Slim Fit 3-in-1 Parka. I am a very disappointed consumer! A note of caution to buyers, there are many fake CG coats online, so make sure you buy one from a trusted supplier. It is windproof, waterproof and the fur on the hood is very luxurious. But it’s not the sort of coat that you can’t wait to wear out on the town: it looks extremely practical and as I said, bulky. $675.00 . canada goose outlet online. If you’d like delivery elsewhere, please select your … A total scam. Ended up going with the Winter white. canada goose clearance I’ve had this for three years and I have to walk a fair distance during January and February to get to work. Look for coats that are sold be authorized dealers of CA. Don’t hold the right side at all ( its different but it works!) The worst part of the Trillium’s design is the hood. I have all types of coats full-length mink, sable etc… This is the warmest jacket by far. sad world we live in to do this to innocent animals for fashion! You should probably buy a men’s coat, they are more generously sized.canada goose outlet nyc canada goose outlet uk canada goose outlet ca I have the same dilemma about pockets. Very warm: I have literally gone out with only a T-shirt underneath, and was comfortable in -15C weather. Seriously? I purchased my red Trillium Parka from Uncle Dans, an outdoor clothing store in Chicago as it was not available from Amazon. it wasn’t warm either. Canada Goose products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, to protect you .. no return policy on defective items. When the hood is up, and pulled tightly, it does nothing to pull the collar in but pulls the whole jacket up. Yes, I totally agree. Beautifully made, very warm. This jacket is really warm and so easy to wear. Canada Goose is not worth any more of my time or money. Get the best deals on Canada Goose when you shop the largest online selection at !… I shall look forward to hearing from you soon. Canada Goose Polar Bears Intl Lodge Matte Finish Hooded Down Jacket-Men's. Canada Goose Factory Outlet, Cheap Canada Goose Jackets, Parka, Coats and Veats Sale Online, Enjoy Canada Goose Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals Price! Canada Goose Nederland Outlet – Meer dan 100+ Jassen Sale artikelen! Canada Goose jackets for women offer superb protection, functionality and style. The fur is a bit poor. love my Canada goose and beware tons of fakes out there!!! Pinar why do you love this coat? This coat was sold out in the XS so I got the S. It’s a little too big and thus it looks somewhat bulky. I decided to return it. I do not recommend this parka. I tried washing my clothes and looks like they are stained for good. I imagine this coat will last forever unless it falls under truck wheels. Free Delivery. canada goose parka I had to wear the jacket a few times to be aware of its shortcomings and don’t want to return it. 1 color available. Only gripe: I’d like extra inside pockets (there is only 1). The fur and hood look cheap and it’s the warmer model? You can find a list of authorized dealers at Amazon needs to do a better job of keeping the fraudulent coats off their site. I was suspicious and didn’t believe girls who said this parka is really big-sized… It is true. Please consider doing web research on the trapping of coyotes to make Canada Goose products, before deciding to buy. NOT warm. Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Down Coat - Women's. The small fit makes it difficult to layer. I bought a medium – I am 5’8″ (140 lbs) and this hits me mid-thigh. I will be contacting Canada Goose for reimbursement! Coyotes suffer tremendously from these leg traps that Canada Goose utilizes- they are not humane. They fit incredibly well (long arms) I’m 6′ 3″ tall. I have a large and it’s long enough to the waist … It also cleans very well so if you are leaning away from white due to getting it dirty I would say it’s not a big factor. We live in Toronto Canada and we usually have pretty cold winters (this year being an exception). They come in a wide range of styles, so you can choose outerwear that matches your personality while protecting you from the elements. It is a bit roomy I find. It does run an on the small side though. The coat arrived, and it looked fabulous. I was looking for a seriously warm winter parka and this is it! canada goose outlet store I live in NYC and I bought it for my girlfriend and she loves it!!! The hood has a wire inside that can be molded to the shape you like and the wind cannot get it. It is not particularly warm (especially the arms) and I layer fleece jackets underneath even when the temperature is as warm as 0 Celcius. My husband’s old LL Bean parka has a #5 plastic zipper with metal sliders that works much better. You do need to have that elastic tightened a little around you or the wind can get under the coat (as its a slightly shorter version) and chill you. We offer free shipping over $100 and easy returns. It’s perfect for city living in sub-zero temperatures. I like Victoria; it has a sleek/simple and form-fitting cut, but the hood does not detach and I think its gonna bug me….. This coat is super warm and I was even starting to sweat just trying it on. canada goose outlet store canada goose outlet nyc canadian goose I read the 2 reviews and I have to disagree with the sizing. New! Canada Goose needs to make this and the Kensington wider, PLEASE!!!!! canada goose outlet My jacket arrived and though it is summer I’ll share my first impressions with Canada Goose Trillium Parka. Living in Canada’s arctic I have bought and tried many coats over the years until I finally purchased the GC trillium. Shop the collection Fall Winter 2014! A large perhaps. I didn’t want to believe those other reviewers so I bought this…as well as the $200 fur hat. For those that struggle with the zipper, there is a trick the girl in the store showed me. Thnx What does “style was out of kilter and not in the norm for these sizes” mean? Less expensive and more stylish coats have the far superior wind proofed collar and hood designs. The front zipper works up and down and is heavy-duty enough so you’re able to unzip without taking off your gloves. What would have been excellent is some kind of detachable fur lining. I love Canada Goose and wanted a sportier, lighter weight jacket than The Expedition, which is very warm, but bulky. The jacket itself is very heavy and puffy. Disappointing. As for the fit, I look great in an S, and I’m ~135 lbs, 5’5. April 2016 update…I am writing to warn shoppers about the Canada Goose Trillium. The coyote-lined hood looks very “Arctic explorer” but it sure is warm. I felt like a bird with my arms angled out awkwardly like wings. Buyers beware! $495.00. canada goose sale 2) The two-way #10 YKK zipper is somewhat difficult to align at the bottom…It takes a few tries to get it to slide. Yeah…I thought so. It has been using a lot more than just 1or 2 times. Being that I’m short, 5’1″, it covers the top of my thigh so my whole trunk is nice and warm. Very slim but not too tight at all on her. There's a redirect from Snow + Rock's uk site to which claims to be Canada Goose's official outlet store. Discover high quality jackets, parkas and accessories designed for women, men and kids. Answer 1 of 42: We are planning holiday trip to Montreal between Dec.26 and 30. I bought this coat after wanting it for years but not like the price. Canada Goose extreme weather outerwear made in Canada since 1957. Super warm coat — I’ve literally never been so toasty. Carl Denig formerly sold mostly ‘ work ‘ as the Expedition parkas and Heli Arctic, canada goose outlet canada now are also the Chateau, Montebello and Victoria models with a bodyfit fit very popular. Even after months of daily usage, my (authentic) CG Trillium constantly lost feathers. $1,345.00 . But the fur ruff on the hood is gorgeous. Canada Goose® Jackets & Parkas are extremely warm and will keep you protected throughout the coldest weather. Because there’s a knitted cuff on the sleeves, the sleeve length was great, and that’s something I often have trouble with, as I’m tall. 3)The fill seems a little on the sparse side…not up to some of CG’s other models. I wear it skiing in cold weather and stay toasty warm. I get compliments wherever I go and it’s nice and toasty. Prior to purchasing this jacket I also tried the Kensington design and found this one much more functional although the Kensington did “look” nicer. It’s a perfect fit although the waist (there’s elastic with toggles around the waist inside) is high on me. The woman dr who was presenting it was wearing a black one.I did not recognize the brand just saw the logo on the left arm and made a crazy guess that it was goose down. canada goose outlet My jacket arrived and though it is summer I’ll share my first impressions with Canada Goose Trillium Parka. This brand has been in the business for more than 50 years and has earned quite a name for itself through its quality clothing and fabric. 4) The hood is the way to big for a woman’s coat. The outer fabric is completely water-resistant (possibly even water-proof), wind-proof and tear-resistant. How can you blame Canada Goose for that?? I hope this helps. Also, I found the sizing true to my normal sizing. I suspect CG uses a one-size-fits-all because it reaches below my nose. I live in an area with relatively mild climates compared to having lived in areas in the midwest so I didn’t want something as heavy duty as the Expedition but still something very warm as we do visit family in both Canada and in the midwest and this was perfect. I googled it without any hope that the search would bring my surprise the first thing was the coat I happen to saw!! It’s not as cute as in the picture–very bulky but would be a great coat for the cold winters especially if you walk a lot. This coat achieves the incredible warmth and almost achieves the style. canada goose outlet Hey, news flash…you don’t have to wear the jacket! Parkas, coats, shells, jackets, bibs, pants, gloves, mittens and hats .Find the Latest Canada Goose Apparel. As much as I love the look of this coat, I can’t continue to wear it for fear of destroying the rest of my clothes! Several of her friends have and recommended a Canada Goose jacket. Definitely not a coat you could drive in–one for the hips but also for the warmth. !, can guess how excited I was…I started reading reviews about it and I found yours quite helpful, and the spirit was similar to mine…so I decided to write.Thank you for your feedback. Other reviews mentioned the collar – this coat is definitely designed to be worn with a scarf. Shipping is always free and returns are accepted at any location. canada goose sale womens This is the best coat I have ever owned. The current Trillium is better but still loses some feathers. Also typical is the high-cut collar, which, even in the absence of a scarf, winter parka sample sale, does good service in the defence against wind and weather. I am 5′, 110 lbs. dips. Still no sign of paid postage from the seller, who happens to be in China/Christie Tavis. For reference, I’m 5’7″ 110 pounds. It is my fave style, but if it’s noticeably not as warm as the Trillium & Whistler, then I won’t bother with it. Do not make the same mistake I have. The only problem and the most important issue for me is the weight. My first Trillium cost me $60 to dry-clean and ship and (after agreeing that it was defective) CG replaced it with one that sheds just as much! canada goose outlet This jacket should be re-named the Jacket of torture and death. Save the Bunnies!!!! sale canada goose  This used coat is not as described. Thanks! Canada Goose Rosemont Arctic Tech 625 Fill Power Down Parka with Genuine Coyote Fur Trim. The zipper is a little difficult to work not sure why but I got the hang of it after a few tries. The Best and Warmest you can get and you are buying from a company that stands behind their products canada goose factory sale  I received this jacket as a gift from my husband after complaining about the cold 10-minute walk from the train station to home. Shop the collection Fall Winter 2014! my mother is going with the Kensington parka design which supposedly has a better silhouette. The neck does need a bit of a revamp as others have mentioned. I can’t see a thing when the hood is being used and when it’s off my head it is a cumbersome pile on the back of the jacket. Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Down Coat - Women's. Color is as expected. You don’t care to make a REAL difference…you just want to climb up on a high perch and claim to be somehow “better”, based on the fact that you would never wear a Canada Goose jacket. The jacket has internal drawcords at the waist that allow you to give it some shape. Browse Canada Goose fashion at Stylight: 337 items Latest 2021 collections Canada Goose® sale: up to −30% Best selling in 2021 » Shop now! You don’t hold the left side double zipper piece at all just put pressure on the right side and you will hear a click. Canada Goose gives by means of a scale of 1 to 5 the heat-indication of the Embrace the Elements this Winter. Canada Goose Salida Waterproof Rain Jacket. Who’s ignorant enough (or vain enough) to buy this? When I took my coat off, to my surprise, my jeans and white top were covered with streaks of pink! Find the latest selection of Kids' Canada Goose in-store or online at Nordstrom. My only issue with the jacket is the hood- Even when the fur is zipped off, the hood covers half of my face which makes visibility an issue- I suppose if you are blocking out snow storm it is fine but makes walking otherwise difficult. I’m sure my wife will be happy as it is a gift. I’m usually wearing 8 U.S size and I bought Medium size. Best. I highly recommend this jacket as a result. This is a coat of functional warmth as in it has a purpose keeps us warmer than synthetic material by using animal products in a more less cruel way than another competitor using nonsynthetic products. I cannot express how much I love this parka. Authentic Craftsmanship made in Canada since 1957. Search and browse to find an officially authorized Canada Goose retailer near you. The high-quality fur trim on the hood is luxuriously thick and detachable, but it is not functional…I would rather less fur and a puffy, snug fitting, down filled collar for my money. Canada Goose Lodge Slim Fit Packable 750 Fill Power Down Hooded Jacket. P.S. what temperatures F or C, in particular, are you wearing it in? The Canada Goose fit the bill. I was suspicious and didn’t believe girls who said this parka is really big-sized… It is true. Most outdoor jackets do this now and it makes a nice difference. I also wanted it to be high quality– The quality of this is astounding, and moreover, there is a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Curious to see what other jackets you recommend. Add to cart. There are cords on the inside that you can pull to cinch the waist to give it a little more shape. This is a hallmark sign. I needed to sticky roll my clothes every time I wore it. The hood’s tie-back helps but, for the price, CG should have a much better design. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of this jacket. It was a very warm parka. Especially pet owners who know how dogs experience feelings and would not want to see their own pet suffer in that way. Shop the latest Canada Goose products and looks on the world's largest fashion site. Check. I’m only 5’3″, and would have needed an assistant to help me walk. It took a few times but now that I have the hang of it it’s easy. You must wear a gator or scarf to keep your neck warm, even if the weather isn’t that cold. You can make it look more elegant if tighten strings on a waist. I feel sorry for you on various levels. But this is easily solved with a neck gaiter. Discover Canada Goose at Harrods. I have filed a dispute with my CC company. It is an expensive jacket, but she is no longer freezing and wears the jacket everywhere. And she doesn’t even need to wear any other layers underneath because it is sooo warm. For me this is unusual. I tried this jacket on in the store to see how it would look. For reference, I’m 5’7″, 110 pounds and this fits perfectly. But the length is perfect; the coat is definitely designed for taller women. There ARE women out there and YES, we DO have hips! I returned and am now debating between the Expedition (marshmallow man but WARM as anything – so nice), Kensington (awesome fit, great pocket design but not as warm as the Trillium :-/) and the Whistler (supposed to arrive within a week). canada goose outlet uk I wanted a coat that I could be sure to be warm, but not so utilitarian that I wouldn’t be happy to wear it. There is a cinched waist that is adjustable with a drawstring. I contacted Canada Goose “customer service” and was disappointed to learn that they do not stand behind their products, i.e. It advertises to me “I am vain and cruel. Learn which stores carry Canada Goose products. I have complained to Canada Goose, but feel nothing will be done. Stylish and functional– can’t beat that! :-(. Canada Goose Click to continue browsing our United States (English) site. I then purchased the Parka from a reputable dealer I located on Amazon. On really (single digit)cold days, a heavy sweater was necessary underneath. Ordered a SMALL, however, I was close to returning it because the snaps popped open when I move/bend a certain way. I have broad shoulders and was still swimming in the coat on top but the hips were a little snug and would be uncomfortable for driving. Canada Goose Freestyle Trim Fit Down Vest. Asking too much for the condition of the coat. In-store pickup and alterations services available. Canada Goose extreme weather outerwear made in Canada since 1957. Canada Goose 'Arctic' Waterproof Down Gloves (Women) $175.00 (6) Free Delivery. this coat is pulling at my shoulders with the t shirt on /downright tight with a heavy sweater. I ask you…do you eat meat, fish, eggs? The confirmed that they do not have an outlet site or an outlet store. I soon became used to the waist is a little high as the rest of the coat fitted so well. I think both had removable hoods. I bought Dawson, Victoria, and trillium. I tried this jacket in the store before ordering it online (online because more color choices) and I’m usually a size XS or 2 and I had to get XXS. I originally got her an M because I was like, “it’s a coat and she can wear something underneath for it to be comfy an all”. Also, did you try the Kensington outside? I am going to return it for another slim fitting Canada Goose jacket like the Kensington or the Victoria! It is extremely warm (current winter temps where I live have been in single digits, with wind chill down to -20F). canada goose clearance Extraordinarily warm and well-made, the Trillium coat is one I’m sure I’ll have for a decade, if not a lifetime. I’m 5’2″, 115lbs and ordered an XS which fit, with a bit of room to spare (I could easily wear a Patagonia fleece under it if it were even colder). This was an expensive jacket and did not come up to expectations. canada goose sale mens I only wear black, but this winter I wanted a white down coat. My concern is, the chilly climate of the area. Waiting until winter is over then I will send it in for repair. Shop women's outerwear favourites from parkas, winter jackets, knitwear & accessories. canada goose outlet For the most part, I love this coat. Don’t be a hypocrite.canada goose clearance canada goose outlet chicago canada goose sale This is not a review and whether you agree or not some animals eat animals and some people eat meat and use the skin and fur for as long as man has been around. Press enter for more information. Stay up to date with news and promotions by signing up for our weekly newsletter. I wanted this parka for a long time but it’s too expensive, so I was thinking a lot before I bought this. It is incredibly warm. I am normally size 0-2, the XS was plenty for me, the sleeves were just right, and the ribbing was high-quality material that is length adjustable. They kill coyotes in horrific traps to line the hoods and they fill the jacket with goose down that they rip off a live birds bodies which cause extreme pain and even death!!!!!! Very pleased Buy a jacket with fur from coyotes that were trapped? A couple suggestions would be helpful!canada goose sale womens sale canada goose canada goose outlet If you want to know whether or not the coat is fake, go to the OFFICIAL website of Canada-Goose, www. I can appreciate the high quality of the fur and the down lining though. Also, if you were the least bit serious about your “message” and “crusade”, there must be better places to voice and pursue them. I prefer a slimmer silhouette and this jacket is beautiful, fashionable AND warm (perfect for Canadian winters). Purchased a Trillium number 4 in warmth, they range 1 to 5. canada goose outlet nyc Having a problem with my zipper this coat has a lifetime warranty. But this is really good quality and I like it so much. This park is nice and very warm. So far it has been perfectly waterproof in the snow/ice. Show: Sort by: Sold Out. In my opinion, the coyote cuff looks much nicer on the coyotes than on the people who wear it.